Starting from Scratch

From Monday the 11th to Thursday the 14th of November.

Salón de Actos of the Antiguo Hospital de Santa María La Rica. 

After fifteen years bringing the sector’s best professionals to a meeting with young people and students, the time has arrived to broaden our outlook. A working group on cinematic cultural management and various meetings in relation to the issue of culture and young people, projects and self-managed formats, urban music, music videos and the latest discoveries in the editing room, which play at confusing our brains and make us question what is real and what is not.
Since ALCINE is now of an age in which it could have teenage kids, it’s perhaps time we sat down and talked to them.



Aimed especially at: students of film, audio-visual communication and cultural management. Or any young person interested in organising cultural activities. Previous experience is not necessary.

Free registration at: (limited places)


The objective of the this four-session workshop, devised as a highly experimental test bed, is to constitute a working group self-managed by the young people involved, which in the medium term may be able to include its proposals in ALCINE’s programming. To this end, the organisers of the festival will place all their experience and tools in its service, working with the same resources and references in a 100% practical and personalised environment. We are opening the doors of an Audio-Visual Management Laboratory, based on trial and error, to train new generations of cultural managers in a love of film and the new audio-visual languages, while undertaking to provide the space and resources so that their proposals can be put into practice.


Festivals in the twenty first century. National and European scene (ALCINE team)

What is the point of film events when you can carry a movie screen around in your pocket? What incentives, formats and new formulas might we find and imagine for this future-present? How is a cultural event devised and managed? 


Audio-Visual Cultural Management. Case studies. (Pedro Toro) 

Creativity and production converge in this session in which we will “open excel” to check out templates, budgets, rights and other issues that are necessary to ensure our project can be put into practice.


Contemporary audio-visuals. Don’t fall short. (Blanca Martínez “HJ Darger”)

When it comes to programming, it is important to know what is going on out there. A quick look around at some of the new voices appearing on the contemporary audio-visual scene, in Spain and around Europe, with no discrimination against styles or formats.


Communication and networking at Unusual Events (Blanca Martínez “HJ Darger”)

However interesting your project might be, it will be difficult for it to work if you don’t know how to reach your audience. This session will tackle issues ranging from design to creating brands through basic questions of marketing and communication from an iconoclastic and guerrilla perspective. 


Pedro Toro

Blanca Martínez “HJ Darger”


Free access until full. Reserve your place at: 

What is the role of young people at cultural events, on the inside and on the outside too? How should we approach them when we see them as a potential audience? How do we feel when we are or have been that target audience? All in a context in which we are questioning the point of film events when we are carrying a movie screen around in our pockets, or what incentives, formats or new formulas we might find and imagine for this future-present.
We will discuss some of these ideas with a group of professionals deliberately open to other disciplines and approaches. 

A Bao A Qu
Association engaged in the audio-visual education of young people and children, which is a point of reference across Europe thanks to powerful projects such as Cinema Underway and Moving Cinema

Clara Harguindey
In addition to her work as an artist and her interesting approach to visual art with the Desmusea collective, she recently launched the V.E.R. project for adolescents between the ages of 15 and 17 at the Reina Sofía. She will explain the viewpoint closest to museums, which are some of the centres that have most targeted this audience through their education departments.

Young People’s Audio-Visual Meeting - Cinemajove
If there is a festival that thinks about cinema and young people, as its own name indicates, it’s this veteran festival from Valencia. At the festival, Teresa Aguilar is responsible for the Young People’s Audio-Visual Meeting, in which around thirty works are entered made by students under the age of 24, resident in Spain and who belong to centres of education, young people’s associations or film workshops.

Celia Dosal
A very young filmmaker and fanzine producer whose work has been selected and awarded prizes at various festivals. She has also participated in and given talks and workshops at meetings such as Directed by women, CineZeta, Puwerty and Festeen.

On three-kings night 2018, an unexpected gift from Barcelona appeared in the form of a YouTube channel, El Bloque was to the current urban scene what the La Edad de Oro was for the generation of the Movida Madrileña. A militantly contemporary format in which a traditional music magazine alternates with vertical videos, stories, GIFs, memes and a whole load of autotune.
A format self-produced by a collective of creators who, with just over a dozen episodes, have become an international point of reference attracting stars such as C. Tangana, Ms. Nina, Yung Beef and Maria José Llergo.

We will be talking to part of its team:

Alicia Álvarez
Blanca Martínez “HJ Darger” 
David Camarero



Although there were many who proclaimed its death, videoclips have become an essential part of any music project that aspires to reach a young audience whose consumption habits start with YouTube and Spotify, with no interest in physical formats. We are bringing together various creators at this round table to talk about the current state of the format:

David Camarero
Has directed pieces for Amaia, Yung Beef and Rocío Márquez. His aesthetic ranges from 16mm analogue to the state-of-the-art data aesthetic.

Sofia Frames
Part of the Pussy Popping collective with La Zowi, for whom who she has made various videoclips and visuals. 

Jaime Ruiz
Has worked with musicians and influencers such as One Path, Cariatydes and Megansito el Guapo. He is not afraid of vertical video.

Lolita G
Virtual artist working in constant collaboration with the world of fashion to bring it into a kind of future which is no longer as utopian as it was just a couple of years ago.
Moderator: Blanca Martínez “HJ Darger”