The Short Film Street

Friday the 8th of November, 19:00 hr. 

Calle Mayor (next to Casa Tapón)


In the light of the current debate on whether to watch films in movie theatres or on a content platform at home, ALCINE is proposing a third way: watching films in the street. There won’t be any seats, no darkened theatre, but we guarantee you won’t be disturbed by your neighbour's popcorn or the heads of people in the rows in front of you. And neither will there be any ill-timed visits or calls and you won’t be falling asleep on the sofa. Forget all that. 

Our idea is to watch films under the stars in the Calle Mayor, a unique setting. We are inviting you to watch an entrée of what the festival has to offer; several films from the parallel sections: short films from Alcine Kids, short films on climate change, fun short films from Alcine Nights... in sum short films, a visual feast and an ideal stop-off for Friday or Saturday afternoon strolls.

Our aim is to demystify cinema, to go in search of a lost audience, to animate an autumnal afternoon and to bring short films into contact with passers-by and Alcalá residents and visitors. If you ever wonder what the festival is all about, what is screened in its theatres, what short films are like today, what young filmmakers are talking about, you just need to take a stroll around Alcalá, and the short films will be there waiting for you.



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