The Alcalá Festival has, almost since its beginnings, related other arts to cinema. For instance, in 1983 the festival featured an exhibition of drawings by José Ramón Sánchez with cinematographic topics. In 1985 one could admire drawings by Federico Fellini as well as posters and photomontages by Josep Renau. All the film posters that had been presented by the festival in the course of the years were exhibited in the 1986 edition.

In 1987 the festival paid tribute to Pablo González del Amo with an exhibition about his work and cinematographic montage in general. Furthermore, the same edition featured two other exhibitions: One about the poster artist Jaime Nieto, the other one about the 'Young German Cinema'. In 1988 the audience could visit an exhibition about the director of photography José Luis Alcaine. In the following year and as part of a homage to one of Spain's most innovative and important artists - Iván Zulueta's graphic work was exhibited, accompanied by an exhibition of photographs of Spanish film directors.

In 1991 Alcine presented the retrospective exhibition '40 years of Polish movie posters' and another one dedicated to the special effects of the master Colin Arthur. In the 1993 edition the preparation material for the film 'Acción Mutante' was exhibited - a film produced by Pedro Almodóvar and directed by Álex de la Iglesia, who became famous with a short film that was awarded in our festival. In 1995 one could see exhibitions dedicated to 'Madrid and Cinema', to George Mèlies and to information material of films that were shot in Alcalá de Henares.

The 26th edition featured four exhibitions: 'José Ramón Sánchez: My images of cinema. Portraits', 'Decortos, 13 portraits of new directors',photographs by Oscar Carriqui and Mili Sánchez; Montserrat de Pablo'sfilm photo for the movie 'Dame algo' as well as '100 years of Spanish cinema in comics'. During the 27th festival one could see an exhibition of story boards by Álex de la Iglesia and another one consisting of photos of film shootings in Alcalá. The 28th edition featured an exhibition of Cuban movie posters as well as photographs of the German cineaste Wim Wenders.

While a great exhibition in cooperation with the Filmoteca Nacional('Soñar el cine - Dreaming cinema') and one dedicated to Buñuel (due to his 100th anniversary) were features of the 29th festival, the 2000 edition was focussed on the poster artist and designer Juan Gatti. In 2001 the attention was divided between the works, photographs and first drafts of Spain's most important Art Directors (represented in an exhibition called 'La arquitectura de los sueños - The architecture of dreams') and the illustrations of the artist Vizcarra. The last edition included an exhibition featuring the photographic works of three men who are cineastes as well as photographers: Iván Zulueta, Bigas Luna and Carlos Saura.