The architecture of dreams

The architecture of dreams

Interviews with Spanish art directors

Via 15 interviews with some of the most notable art directors of our cinema, Jorge Gorostiza introduces the reader to a fundamental profession of the seventh art. The methodology of the work, the introduction of new technologies in the cinematographic stage design, unauthorized labor within the field, the relations to the rest of the technical team, and the use of a denomination that really defines the work are some of the topics in The Architecture of Dreams. The interviewees, all of them active, represent various generations of professionals and perceive their work from very different perspectives. Their outlines, drawings, and models also find their place in this volume that casts a bit of light upon one of the most beautiful and unknown facets of our cinema.

Interviews with:
· Ana Alvargonzález
· Gumersindo Andrés
· José Luis Arrizabalaga y BiafFra
· Antonio Belizón
· Wolfgang Burmann
· Julio Esteban
· Benjamín Fernández
· Javier Fernández
· Félix Murcia
· Rafael Palmero
· Gil Parrondo
· Josep Rosell
· Emilio Ruiz del Río
· Luis Valles
· Gerardo Vera