The Endless Trench

España. 2019. Color. 147 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Aitor Arregi; Jon Garaño; José Mari Goenaga Balerdi.
  • Scriptwriter: Luiso Berdejo; José Mari Goenaga Balerdi.
  • Cast: Carlos Bernardino; Belen Cuesta; Antonio de la Torre; José María del Castillo; José Manuel Poga; Vicente Vergara.
  • Cinematography: Javier Agirre Erauso.
  • Editing: Laurent Dufreche; Raúl López.
  • Music: Pascal Gaigne.
  • Producer: Miguel Menéndez de Zubillaga; Xabier Berzosa; Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo; Iñaki Gomez; Birgit Kemner; Iñigo Obeso.

Higinio and Rosa have been married for a few months when the Civil War breaks out and their life becomes seriously threatened. With the help of his wife he will decide to use a hole, dug in his own house, as a provisional hiding place. The fear of possible reprisals as well as the love they feel for each other will condemn them to a confinement that will last for more than 30 years.

Aitor Arregi

The Oñatiarra director has a long history in the world of animation, cinema, documentaries, and in general, audiovisual works. He co-directed with Iñigo Berasategi the animation films as 'Cristobal Molón' or 'Glup', which was selected for the 2004 Goya Awards in the category of Best Animated Film, and in 2007 he directed together with Jose Mari Goenaga the documentary 'Lucio', a project that would also opt for the 2007 Goya Awards in the Best Documentary category. In 2011 he directed with the same director the short film 'Amigo íntimo' which wins the award for best short film at the Creat Rivas festival. Codirects 'Handia' (Arregi and Garaño, 2017), which won 10 Goya Awards and 'Infinite trench' (Arregui, Garaño and Goenaba, 2019)In addition, Arregi has been also a feature film producer.

“La trinchera infinita” (2019) / “Handia”(2017) / "Loreak" (2014) / "Zarautzen erosi" (2014) / "El Método Arrieta" (2013) / "Amigo íntimo" (2011) / "Lucio" (2007) / "Cristobal Molón" (2006) / "Wide Angle" (2004) / "Glup" (2004)

Jon Garaño

Jon studied Journalism and Advertising at the University of the Basque Country and Cinema in Sarobe (Basque Country) and in San Diego (USA). In 2001, he founded the production company Moriarti with other four colleagues, and he has worked as film director and/or screenwriter for many audiovisual projects. His short films have won over 100 competitions and his documentaries have been broadcast in more than fifteen countries.

"La trinchera infinita" (2019) / "Handia" (2017) / "Renovable" (2016) / "Loreak" (2014) / "La casa del nazareno" (2011) / "Urezko eraztuna" (2011) / "80 Egunean" (2010) / "Perurena" (2010) / "Asämara" (2008) / "On the line" (2008) / "FGM" (2008)

José Mari Goenaga Balerdi

After studying Business, José Mari studied Film Directing at Sarobe. In 2001, he co-founded the production company Moriarti Produkzioak. Apart from the short films he has directed, co-written and co-directed an animated feature film, 'Supertramps' (2004), nominated for the Goya to Best Animated Feature Film in 2005, and the documentary 'Lucio' (2007), premiered at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian and Goya nominee for Best Documentary Feature Film in 2007. Codirects '80 Egunean' (Garaño and Goenaga, 2010), 'Loreak' (Garaño and Goenaga, 2014), nominated for the Goya for Best Film and selected to represent Spain in the Oscars, and 'The EndlessTrench' (Arregui, Garaño and Goenaba, 2019).

"The Infinite Trench" (2019) / "Loreak" (2014) / "Lagun mina" (2011) / "80 Egunean" (2010) / "Lucio" (2007) / "Sintonía" (2005) / "Supertramps" (2004) / "Tercero B" (2002) / "Compartiendo Glenda" (2000)


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